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The exhibition is articulated into the following areas:


A mosaic of over 150 contemporary works by architects from Catalonia and the Balearic Islands in which there coexist different ways of working whose common denominator is the craft and the capacity to adapt to the specifics of the place in which they are located. Ordered chronologically by the architect's date of birth, the selection comes right up to the youngest generation and presents the architectural context in which the nine selected projects are inserted.

2. 9 WORKS

Vogadors (‘rowers’, in Catalan) constitutes a clear commitment to the future in the form of a selection of 9 works by some of the most significant young architects from Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, who share a particular sensibility and at the same time illustrate a different way of doing things in response to the increasing demand in our society for what is really necessary for people’s lives, and is the antithesis of the more spectacular media-boosted architecture.

The exhibition documents a sober architecture that is remarkably simple in its materials but of great technical and intellectual sophistication, with a strong social and ethical dimension, capable of constructing with a conscious permeability with its surroundings, with people and with life, without renouncing the more abstract and plastic values of emotion.


Twenty works of architecture made in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, in a wide temporal arc, which are precursors to and share many of the characteristics common to the nine works presented as significant of the vogador generation of architects.

In this thread, a permanent and living feature of the Mediterranean cultures, there is no break with the past; instead it connects a tradition of Catalan and Balearic architects who share the values of respect and closeness to the existing, the site and the inhabitants and the technical capability of the profession and research, together with the sculptural power of the most exciting architectures.

"He who forges ahead creating something new does so like a rower, moving forward but back-paddling, looking behind him, towards the past, towards what exists, so as to be able to reinvent its underpinnings."


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