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NEWS     30-11-2009 , Venice

The Catalan pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale closes its doors after receiving more than 45,000 visitors


The exhibition Venezia, Catalunya 2009. The Unavowable Community, Catalonia's project for the 2009 Venice Art Biennale that has been promoted by the Institut Ramon Llull, received 45,633 visitors over the almost six months it has been on display in the Magazzino del Sale number 3 in Venice. The exhibition, curated by Valentín Roma, has attracted an average of 300 visitors per day, with peaks of more than 1000. October was the busiest month, with more than 9,000 visitors. Notable visits include institutional delegations such as the President and the Table of the Parliament of Catalonia and the chamber's Commission of Cultural Policy.

NEWS     04-11-2009 , Venice

The final activity organized by the IRL in Venice in parallel with the pavilion at the Biennale


On 4th November the Santa Margherita Auditorium in Venice will host, a seminar entitled “The Unavowable Community. From Catalonia to Europe, via America”. This will be the final activity organized by the Institut Ramon Llull in Venice this year linked to the project Venezia, Catalunya 2009. The Unavowable Community, with which Catalonia has participated for the first time at the Art Biennale.

NEWS     09-09-2009 , Venice

Special concert by the Acadèmia 1750 Orchestra in Venice on the occasion of Catalonia's participation at the Biennale


The church of San Giovanni in Bragora, Venice, will be the scene, this Friday, 11th September, of a very special concert by Acadèmia 1750, the Torroella Festival Period Orchestra. The concert is jointly promoted by the Institut Ramon Llull and the Musical Youth Association of Torroella de Montgrí. As Josep Bargalló, the Director of the IRL pointed out, "This is one of the most important activities that the IRL has scheduled for the autumn in Venice as part of the Catalan participation at the Art Biennale."

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A project by Valentín¬
Roma with:

Joan Vila-Puig¬
i Elvira Pujol/Sitesize¬

Daniel G. Andújar¬
/ Technologies To The¬

Pedro G. Romero¬
/ Archivo F.X.

La comunitat inconfessable

Based on the book of the same name by Maurice Blanchot, The Unavowable Community is a proposal that explores the types of social intervention adopted by various artistic practices that are developed around the idea of the communal

Three different projects have been selected to form part of this project: Sitesize by Joan Vila-Puig and Elvira Pujol, Technologies To The People by Daniel G. Andújar, and Arxiu F.X. by Pedro G. Romero. These projects share communal strategies of transversality and antagonism, in a territory that is difficult to chart, found in the cracks in both the institution of art and models of cultural productivity.

Valentín Roma

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