RSS feeds

If you would like to keep up on the Institut Ramon Llull’s calls for papers, press releases and cultural events, you can do so by using an RSS feed.

What is RSS?

To gain access to this information, you will need a reader or aggregator program, which may be the same tool used to manage your email account. The Institut Ramon Llull includes this service so that users stay up-to-date on the most important information.
RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. The text sent via RSS usually includes the title, a brief description of the content and a link to the webpage where the full content appears.
Once you have subscribed, you will receive information via our RSS feed manager each time that the server is refreshed or posts new information, meaning that you won’t have to return to the webpage to check for updates.

RSS readers

There are several options for using RSS feeds. The most common way is to install a program called an “aggregator” or “feed reader”. Other applications such as email or web browsers can also allow you to view RSS feeds, as well as some personal web environments such as igoogle and netvides.

Available RSS feeds

rss Calls for papers (in english):

Summaries of the calls for papers and procedures at the Institut Ramon Llull: scholarships, subsidies, grants, employment offers.
Also in rss catalan and rss spanish

rss Press releases (in english):

Press releases from the Institut Ramon Llull.
Also in rss catalan and rss spanish

rss Calendar (in english):

Cultural events linked to the Catalan language and culture. 
Also in rss catalan and rss spanish

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